Strategic Asset Management (SAM)

Asset Management Planning

Asset Management Plans should be practical and useful documents providing your organisation with an appropriate framework to drive asset-dependent services.  Primarily your AM plans should:

  • Guide the delivery of asset-centric services;
  • Critically consider appropriate Levels of Service;
  • Define various types of associated risks; and
  • Present future cash-flows and emerging liabilities.

Far too often Asset Management Planning becomes a chore, ultimately leading to the creation of obtuse documents of little or no benefit that would be better used as doorstops (“Hands Up” if this has happened to you!!  Don’t worry, you are not alone).

It doesn’t matter whether you have “mature” plans that will benefit from a critical review or your organisation is just beginning or revisiting the asset management planning process. We can help.

Our years of practical “hands-on” experience have allowed us to not only develop a clear understanding of how to get the most from the asset management planning process but, more importantly, we can assist in creating plans that actually do what they are supposed to.

Asset Management Strategies

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked is…. What exactly is an Asset Management Strategy?”   The most appropriate answer is….“It Depends”.

In broad terms your Asset Management Strategy can:

  • Set out how you intend to deliver particular services;
  • Define your existing or proposed policy framework;
  • Detail related governance and management arrangements;
  • Recognise asset management planning goals;
  • Outline your intended Levels of Service;
  • Allocate associated roles and responsibilities;
  • Address improvements in skills, processes and systems; and
  • Recognise how you propose to measure your progress.

Developing a robust and appropriate Asset Management Strategy is key to providing the organisation with an essential “roadmap” that guides the achievement of your long-term asset management goals.

At LION SYSTEMS we are experienced in evaluating overall asset management capability and identifying key steps to improvement.  We can help you consider what form your own Asset Management Strategy should take, focusing on what’s really important and where your efforts will provide maximum benefit.

Levels Of Service

The basic concept of “Levels of Service” underpins the strategic management of our assets and, by default, asset-dependent services.  While service planning activities are generally applicable to all organisational services, applying the concept to strategic asset management often becomes tricky and potentially confusing.

Terms such as “Community” and “Technical” Levels of Service are frequently misunderstood and used inter-changeably when in fact they are two distinct processes, albeit closely interrelated.

Levels of Service concepts, once clearly explained and applied to your business will make perfect sense and help to resolve many of the questions surrounding how assets (and the consequent services) are considered and managed.   This approach ultimately guides both strategic decision-making and future budgets and provides a clear point of reference for managing community and stakeholder expectations.

To not address the issue of Service Levels is akin to sailing the asset management ship without a rudder!!

LION SYSTEMS can help you to implement an appropriate framework that will appeal to all stakeholders and totally demystify the Levels of Service concept.  Contact us for all your Strategic Asset Management enquiries.