Asset Design – As Constructed (ADAC)

The ADAC system supports the transmission, checking and uploading of As-Constructed asset data to GIS and/or Asset Management Information Systems.  The team at LION SYSTEMS has over 35 years combined experience in the ADAC (Asset Design ~ As Constructed) process having been closely involved since project inception well over 15 years ago.

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For ADAC providers (e.g. Land Developers, Surveyors and Consulting Engineers) we offer a cost effective service in the creation of compliant ADAC XML files and As-Constructed Drawings to accompany the As-Con bundle of information.

Regularly working with Councils, Water Utilities, CAD/GIS software developers, Consulting Engineers and Surveyors we have extensive knowledge and the hands-on skills to assist with all ADAC inquiries and can offer the following services:

  • Creation of compliant ADAC files (Ver 4.2 & Ver 5.0 XML) and CAD drawings for As-Constructed submissions;
  • Implementation planning, policy and technical support for receiving entities;
  • Design, creation and use of ADAC data file processing tools;
  • ADAC XML file validation services;
  • ADAC schema queries; and
  • Preparation of suitable and relevant data capture guidelines.

For ADAC Receiving Entities (Councils, Water Authorities & Private Agencies) we can assist with a full range of implementation activities including technical, policy and process reviews.  We can then help you plan and undertake any necessary change management activities while designing and implementing the most suitable ADAC XML file processing tools for your own unique information systems environment.

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