Asset Management Information Systems (AMIS)

Asset information Systems provide the critical inputs for effective strategic asset management.   Your asset information systems must:

  • Contain reliable and accurate records on the assets you manage;
  • Provide details on how the assets are performing;
  • Support accurate asset valuation and job costing activities;
  • Schedule what needs to be done in terms of maintenance;  and
  • Define other risk-related inspections and interventions.

Good corporate governance is crucial in today’s complex business environment.  To this end, corporate financial management practices for asset-centric business are leveraged against good data and appropriate processes.

Having an Asset Information System is one thing; implementing and using it properly is something else entirely.

At LION SYSTEMS we have extensive hands-on experience with asset information and maintenance management systems.  Over time we have learnt that most products on the market today will do the job they were designed for.  More often dysfunctional and inefficient systems stem from a lack of implementation planning, poor quality data (or data structures) and inadequate supporting processes.

We can help get the most out of your asset information systems whether you are just starting off on the procurement journey or looking to review and improve existing operations and use.  Why not contact us to find out how?